Taiwan, the Asian Paradise

Taiwan, the Asian Paradise

Prepare your trip to Asian paradise with this great guide in which we tell you everything you have to see and do in Taiwan.

National Parks with endemic species, white sand beaches, night markets with local delicacies and museums and memorials that glorify the past and present of Formosa Island. Taiwan is in love with its abundant green, rich cultural diversity with numerous ethnic groups and by its friendly people.

Watch Taipei in a bird’s eye view

Although not the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 led the ranking in its day and is also recognized as one of the highest green buildings on the planet. This Tower of 508 meters can be seen from different parts of the city. With its bamboo and traditional pagoda form it houses a shopping and financial center and an observatory. Come On, which is one of the indispensable places in Taiwan.

Taroko and Marvel National Park with Taroko Gorge

More than 900 square kilometres of Natural Park with mountainous landscapes and abundant vegetation and, above all, the popular Gorge of Taroko.

Taroko National Park The second largest in Taiwan. And its mountains rise up to 3700 meters. The Gorge is, for its deep and narrow marble cliffs, one of the most visited natural attractions in the country.

Paddle among the waters of the Sun Moon Lake

Renting a bike or electric bike to surround it, paddle between its waters in boat, climb the trails around or fly over with the cable car are all good options to enjoy this appreciated lake, the largest in Taiwan. In Addition, the area is inhabited by the Tao tribe.

Stroll through Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

This Memorial dedicated to former President Chiang Kai-Shek is a relaxed and meeting point for many Taiwanese. Located in the heart of the old town, the resort hosts gardens and a large square with the national Concert Hall and the National Theatre at each end. At The other end stands the monument in memory of the creator of modern Taiwan with an imposing statue of his bronze.

Fascinating with the indigenous people of the Island of Lanyu

Lanyu, or Orchid Island, is synonymous with going back in time on any trip to Taiwan. Yami Aborigines have lived there for almost a millennium and their traditional ‘ modus vivendi ‘ still persists. Their decorated canoes or their semi-subterranean houses to protect themselves from typhoons or torrid heat, are testimony to their continuity. The rocky landscape, eroded by water and climate, offers exceptional forms.

Shilin Night Market Street Cooking

Dive into the streets of this famous night market and dare to taste its delicious skewers of squid, roasted chicken hearts, oyster tortillas or stinky tofu. To quench The thirst try the typical tea with milk and pearls. If you are not a lover of fried and strong smells you will have to make an effort, but it is worth camouflaging among the locals of this market for a few hours.

Taiwan, the Asian Paradise

Surf the waves of the beaches of Kenting National Park

Surfing, scuba diving, sunbathing, bathing, eating seafood… Yes, all this can also be done in Taiwan! In Kenting National Park You will find white sandy beaches and a warm tropical climate. Kenting is a destination well known to sun and beach lovers so it’s often crowded. But It’s not hard to get out of the crowd to find a corner to be alone.

Relax in the hot springs of Zhiben

Taiwan is also known for its hot springs. There Are numerous sites throughout the island where you immerse yourself in its hot baths, but the Zhiben area is known for having the oldest and most remote thermal water resorts. Located on the southwest coast, its facilities are hidden between mountains and along the river Zhiben. Its waters contain natural carbonic acid, reaching 100 degrees of temperature and are odorless.

Discover the protected species of the Shei-Pa National Park

The Shei-Pa National Park is one of the 9 existing in Taiwan. Located in the center-north of the island this park has 51 peaks above three thousand meters high and a great variety of landscape. This Paradise is one of the most unspoiled extensions of Asia with many rare and endemic species That are strictly protected.

Dive among the pristine coral reefs of the Green Isle

Change dimensions and Escape from Formosa Island to Green Island or Ludao. Located 33 km from the southeastern coast of Taiwan, this small island is perfect for a day trip. Discover its authentic coral reefs, thousands of tropical fish and its colorful seabed. Ludao is also famous for its salty thermal waters (rare in the world) its lighthouse and its small Great Wall.

Taiwan, the Asian Paradise
Admire the unique landscape of the salt fields of Jingzaijiao

Built in the year 1818 during the Qing dynasty, the salt fields of Jingzaijiao form a fantastic mosaic of white ponds with piles of salt. In Their origin, these fields were a barren desert and in their time they were the most important salt producers of the island. Today, salt production is symbolic and constitutes an interesting tourist spot on the Tainan coast.

National Palace Museum

This Museum houses a large collection of Chinese art from the Neolithic to the late Qing Dynasty. Its approximately 700,000 pieces include the famous Zhou Bell, the Chinese jade cabbage and the meat-shaped stone. The Museum of the National Palace of Taiwan is one of the most visited in the world.

Have some tea at Maokong

Place to escape the bustling capital, the village of Maokong offers nice views of Taipei city. This Village is popular for its wide variety of tea houses and its fields of this plantation. The Maokong Gondola chairlift will take you from the foot of the mountain to its peak while you contemplate the views through its crystals.

Majestic Memorial Center Fo Guang Shan Buddha

Extending over 100 hectares, this cultural, religious and educational museum is supposedly home to a relic of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of the Buddhist faith. Once overlooked the main entrance a garden and 8 Chinese-style pagodas welcome visitors. At the end of the corridor stands an impressive statue of the Buddha 40 meters high.

Early morning to marvel at the sunrise at Ali Mountain

The Scenic Area of Alishan is a set of mountains with large tea plantations, walking tours, waterfalls and the house of the Tsou tribe. It is worth getting up early to go up to one of those mountains and contemplate the sunrise and the sea of clouds that is formed first thing in the morning.

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