Jiuzhaigou River (China), and its colorful waters ✓

Jiuzhaigou River (China), and its colorful waters ✓

The attractions of Jiuzhaigou are in “a fairy world” at an altitude of more than 2000 meters (6500pies). Jiuzhaigou is very famous for its water escapes: springs, waterfalls, rivers and its shoals of fish, joined to the 108 swimming pools of Jiuzhaigou with a richness of colors and various forms.

As a tourist destination on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the wonderful Jiuzhaigou has attracted countless visitors, for its crystalline and colorful lakes, spring-green forests, and its unique Tibetan customs. You can join a Jiuzhaigou tou to appreciate the natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou.

There Are tourist buses in Jiuzhaigou. You can Also travel on foot, which is free. Don’t worry about where to eat in this spectacular area. Small shops and restaurants can meet your needs. You Can find special and distinctive souvenirs in the shops of the place.

The Four Seasons in Jiuzhaigou

The scenery of Jiuzhaigou is dazzling and leaves you breathless throughout the year.

It Is Green in spring, the mountains covered with green trees, next to peaceful and tranquil lakes.
Walking under the pure blue sky, welcoming the oceans of color of the flowers in summer, Jiuzhaigou is fantastic.

Gold is the best you can describe an autumn Jiuzhaigou, when the falling leaves leave a whole yellow world.

You Can’t miss the snow covered Jiuzhaigou in winter either. It Is difficult to find words to describe their beauty, which looks like a pure fairy tale sky.
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The Shuzheng Valley

The Shuzheng Valley is a key part of Jiuzhaigou, which should not be missed. About half of the lakes and ponds are located in the Shuzheng Valley, including the Double-Dragon Lake, Bonsai Beach, Reed Lake, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Waterfalls, Rhinoceros Lake and Nuorilang waterfall.

The Village of Shuzheng

Sleeping in the village, not only falls in love with the picturesque and natural landscape, will also fall in love with the pure folk culture of the place, where the wooden buildings are scattered. Tibetan culture is the great culture of this town, you can find Tibetan souvenirs in small shops.

The Village of Shuzheng is one of the great places to eat in Jiuzhaigou, where you can have a feast of authentic Tibetan food, such as butter tea and sticky taro cake.

Shuzheng Waterfall

The cascade of Shuzheng is the most typical and important attraction of the village of Shuzheng. At 62 meters wide and 15 feet high, it is one of the first waterfalls after the river arrives at the village of Shuzheng. The upstream lakes between rocks and sand banks make the waterfall more wonderful.

Nuorilang Waterfall

Praising the beautiful waterfall of Jiuzhaigou, the cascade of Nuorilang is the widest waterfall in Jiuzhaigou (300 meters wide). It Is located in the center of the village of Shuzheng, and considered as the symbol of Jiuzhaigou. It Is more fabulous under the morning sun Rallos when a rainbow of colors appears above the waterfall. In The winter it is a spectacular frozen waterfall that hangs on the rocks.

The Jiuzhaigou River in China and its colorful waters

Aldea Rize

Located on the far right of Jiuzhaigou, the village of Rize is part of the elite of Jiuzhaigou, which offers a diversity of spectacular scenery. The main attractions in the village of Rize include the Virgin Forest, the Strawberry Lake, the Swan Lake, the five Flower Lake, the Pearl Beach waterfall, the Mirror Lake, the panda Lake, the bamboo Arrow Lake and the Nuorilang Lake.

Mirror Lake

The Mirror Lake is 1km long, and surrounded by green trees. It Is connected to the mirror village by the top and lake Nuorilang below. The shadows of the sky, the cloud, the mountains, and plants around the lake, on the surface of the lake, are the theatre of nature.

Lake of the Five Flowers

The Lake of the five flowers is very famous and baptized after the ostentatious seaweeds of the water. The Lake of the five multicolored flowers is magical and wonderful. It Is said that the lake of the five flowers is a magical lake and that the plants irrigated with the water of the lake grow particularly vigorous.

Panda Lake

It Is believed that the giant pandas of Jiuzhaigou love living near the Panda lake, hunting their food and drinking their water. You can see the fish in this lake so clear, even rare fish.

Bamboo Arrow Lake

Rows of tall bamboo canes grow around the lake of the bamboo arrow, which are the favorites of the giant pandas, turning around the panda lake. The surrounding mountains are reflected in the lake, besides the bamboo shadows, wonderful views! The Lake flows through the forest, and is divided into many small branches, finally ending in the waterfall of the bamboo arrow.

The Jiuzhaigou River in China and its colorful waters
Pearl Beach

The pearl beach is a different attraction compared to other lakes in Jiuzhaigou. It Is A wide sandy beach with a bridge over It. The torrential waters of the lakes run across the bridge and collide with the rocks, causing waves to break on the beach. After 200 metros of Swift waters flying over the sloping cliff. The cascade of the Pearl is massive and exciting, it’s worth a lot of pictures.

The Village of Zechawa

Located on the left side of Jiuzhaigou, the village of Zechawa has about 18km long, with the highest altitude in Jiuzhaigou. The scenery is also very attractive and just as good as other attractions in Jiuzhaigou. The Lake of the three seasons, the lake of the five colors, and the long lake are the main attractions in the village of Zechawa.

Seasonal Lake

The Upper Seasonal lake, the seasonal lake of the middle and the lower seasonal lake are well connected to each other, The Upper Seasonal lake is located next to the lake of five colors surrounded by cliffs. The waters of the lakes are blue due to the abundant autumn leaves and the green spring and winter. In Summer, the lakes dry up and you can see some herbs growing on the riverbed with many small rocks.

Long Lake

The Long Lake is at the end of the village of Zechawa, facing a giant snowcapped mountain and surrounded by cedars. appreciating it from afar , the long Lake looks like a great exceptional piece of jade laid among the mountains. This Ample lake is a perfect place to skate on ice in Jiuzhaigou, when the water freezes in winter.

Lake of Five Colors

Although It is the smallest lake in Jiuzhaigou, it can fascinate you with the spectacular and sophisticated colors of the water. When The sun rises, the lake is more fabulous and radiant, creating waves and shining.

Besides the most exquisite Jiuzhaigou, there are also attractions near Jiuzhaigou that are worth seeing, the Minshan Mountains area, the old town of Songpan, the Temple of Baoen, and the Lake of ERH in the country of Huanglong, are the most recommended attractions.

If you want to forget the stressful life of the city and relax in the nature, go to Jiuzhaigou!. It Is absolutely a good first choice if you want to see a natural scenery at any of the Four Seasons in China.

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