Iguazu Falls, imposing spectacle ✅

Iguazu Falls, imposing spectacle ✅

Iguazu Falls are located on the Iguazu River bordering Argentina, in the province of Misiones, and Brazil, in the state of Paraná.

They Are located within the Iguazu National Park (Argentina) and the National Park of Iguaçu (Brazil). It Is from the Brazilian side from where it is most advisable to visit this wonder of nature.

On the Brazilian side are located on the west side of the State of Paraná 17 km from the Brazilian city called Foz do Iguaçu. From This city you have all the facilities to get to the falls either by public transport, private excursions or with own vehicle, The infrastructure is perfectly adapted to make it easier for tourists to live.

The Iguazu Falls are formed by 275 jumps, of which the majority are in the Argentine side, The most spectacular is the Devil’s Throat. It Is The one that carries more flow and the one that is located to higher height, to about 80 meters.

The scenery seen from the Brazilian side is sensational; It has two viewpoints and a footbridge from where you can admire the imposing spectacle that we offer these waterfalls with an almost total view of their jumps.

From that walkway, which goes in one direction, you get to the Devil’s Throat from where you go through a panoramic lift to the beaches and there you get back transportation.

The Iguazu National Park

We’ve seen where the Iguazu falls are. Considering that you are inside the Iguazú National Park, you will probably also be interested in knowing something more about it.

This Park, created according to Federal decree in January 1939, has a total area of 180,000 hectares and a perimeter of approximately 420 km. In The year 1986 it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and in February 2012 it became one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The objective of this park is to preserve and protect its natural ecosystems of high ecological value and that also have a spectacular natural beauty. This objective is combined with a controlled tourist exploitation.

Iguazu Falls, imposing spectacle

Access to Iguazu National Park

Access to the Park is made through the visitor centre which is outside the reserve; It is quite extensive terrain (108,000 m2) with parking for enough cars, minibuses and buses. It Also offers transport with panoramic buses in which fit 72 passengers and with the upper part of the open air from where we can better observe the nature with its beautiful natural landscapes.

This Bus makes its first stop in the first viewpoint located opposite the Hotel Cataratas, where it is indicated the beginning of the route towards the place where the Iguazu falls are located. The route is 1,200 MTS and the landscape that can be seen is really spectacular with a strong waterfalls just a few hundred meters.

Following This route you pass through other viewpoints from where you can also see different falls from other angles until you reach the Devil’s Throat. At this point you will find the largest viewpoint where you can take some wonderful photos.

Follow the route around the footbridge surrounded by waterfalls; On the external side the jumping belt on the Argentinean side and on the inner side the Floriano jump. The panoramic view from the Brazilian side is the most impressive because you can see the waterfalls in all its length.

And here is the end of the catwalk where the panorama is more spectacular and where you start the return and where there are also some viewpoints to rest or eat or have a snack and take the elevator to the exit.

There are also other types of attractions that can be enjoyed within the Park, among which are visits to different trails.

Places to see in Iguazu Falls

Both the Iguazu National Park and the city of Puerto Iguazu have several interesting tourist places, to connect with the unique nature of the place. These are some of the best places to see in Iguazu Falls.

Iguazu Falls, imposing spectacle

San Martín Island

Among the great waterfalls of the Iguazu National Park is San Martín Island, one of the most attractive walks of the Lower Circuit. Accessible by boat, the island is an invaluable ecological reserve that houses sandy beaches and small waterfalls inside, as well as offering amazing views of the Devil’s Throat and the Salto San Martín, the second in size.

Ecological Trail Well Black

This walk begins with a runway of 320 mts long practically in the middle of the Park and extends along 9 km that can be done on foot or by mountain bike.

The Tour is done with a guide explaining the flora and fauna that exists in the park. You may be able to spot some wild animals (mammals or birds). The duration of this walk is about half a day.

Ecological Path of the Banana plantations

It Is A walk with a path of 2 km of extension that passes through several lagoons where we can observe birds of aquatic habits. This tour can also be done by bike or on foot, always with the accompaniment of a guide.

To End the ride you sail by boat along the Iguazu River until you reach an island called Taquara and then return to Puerto Canoas. This walk lasts approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, and every half hour comes a tour.

Waterfall Trail

With an extension of 1,200 MTS in its route you can see the different waterfalls from different angles to finish reaching the runways. One of the things that surprises visitors the most is the thundering sound that comes from the waters when they fall and the natural spectacle that this generates.

Macuco Safari Tour

This Promenade is one of the most important and begins to travel through the jungle and then go through a path on a train that is pushed with an electric car. At the end of this tour you get on a boat to take a walk in the river in the opposite direction to the waterfalls.

Puerto Canoas Space

This Is an extensive area of coexistence, observation and discovery. It could also Be seen as a resting area at the end of the different walks or tours and from which you can see a nice view of the Iguazu falls and the sunset; It is part of the last station of the interior transport of the Park.

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