Enjoy the charms in Athens ✅

Enjoy the charms in Athens ✅

Discover what to see in Athens and enjoy the charms of the capital of Greece. Here are some corners you can’t miss.
Ancient and modern at the same time, Athens was the cradle of democracy and still today is a fascinating city in which it always seems to be cooking something.

From the top of the imposing Acropolis with its temples to the eclecticism and graffiti of the neighborhood of Exarquía, there is so much to see that it will cost you to choose. So in Skyscanner We put the easy things and give you some keys to enjoy the capital of Greece as it deserves.

If you have little time or are planning a getaway to Athens, there are some corners that you can’t miss for the world. Cosmopolitan, vibrant and millenary, its streets are full of history and terraces in which the Athenians make life. Before you go, take note. Here are some great places to see in Athens.

The Acropolis

One of the wonders of the world, the Acropolis of Athens is an icon and one of the most important testimonies of the antiQuity of the world. Despite the scaffolding that adorns some of the buildings, the Parthenon continues to fascinate generation after generation.

This Great Temple crowns the hill that is in the heart of the city, from which dominates the landscape and controls the life at your feet. Enjoy the ascension with the calm that deserves the moment. Breathe The story that invades this place and imagine Pericles projecting the big buildings behind your back.

Cross the Propiles, admire the perfection of the columns of the Parthenon at dusk or dream of the marble beauty of the Caryatids. You’ll think you’ve traveled in time. A tip: Go too late, to avoid crowds, and wear comfortable footwear.

Enjoy the charms in Athens

Plaka and Anafiótika

Plaka is known as “the District of the gods“, probably because it is the oldest in Athens. But also very possibly because it is one of the few that retain the Mediterranean essence of a city in which cement buildings abound. Its narrow alleys hanging over the bougainvillea are a small pleasure.

Some areas are very touristy and are usually crowded but, as always, if you get off the tourist route, you will be able to enjoy the calm and authenticity of the city as one more Athenian. It’S a little maze, so if you get lost, enjoy it. A part of Plaka is Anafiótika, an area of whitewashed houses and blue windows that will make you feel like you are on a Greek island. He Has a special charm.

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is a world apart in which you could spend a whole day without even noticing. It Is One of the institutions dedicated to the most important ancient history of the world and a place of visit almost obliged even if the museums are not your thing.

With more than 11,000 works of art classified in 7 collections you will have to plan well the visit. Don’t try to see everything and focus on the pieces that call your attention. If you don’t know where to start the golden mask of Agamemnon is a good starting point.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Located on the plain part of Athens, the remains of the temple dedicated to Olympian Zeus are still impressing today. This Wonder is the largest temple in Greece and took to build the whopping of 700 years.

They draw attention to their gigantic dimensions although their 104 Corinthian columns are only 15 feet. On a sunny day, the views of the Acropolis from here, beyond Hadrian’s arch, are quite a sight. Sit Down for a while and try to imagine what it should be like when they placed the huge statue of Zeus inside.


Monastiraki is one of the most boisterous neighborhoods in Athens but that does not rest with any grace, quite the opposite. With streets that intersect and mingle at the foot of the Acropolis is easy to guess the hand that had the Ottomans and Byzantines in its construction.

It Is a good place to go shopping, full of small and tempting shops like those that proliferate on both sides of Pandrossou. If you want to buy something, get ready to haggle.

The Odeon of Herod Attic

This Architectural Jewel of antiquity is on its way to the Acropolis, on a hillside. It Was built in the year 161 by Herod Attic in memory of his wife.

With a capacity for 5,000 spectators, cultural activities and events are still organized in the venue, with the city as a backdrop. If you do not have time to see any, take a walk in the morning and admire the perfection of its lines and the silence of its stones.

Enjoy the charms in Athens
The Ancient Agora

The pulsating heart of ancient Athens was its agora, a place full of life where local administration, business, politics and social activities were concentrated, The remnants of his glorious past have come to this day and it is possible to walk through the streets or touch the stones which he surely once cherished Socrates.

It Is a peaceful corner of the city, quite calm and in which history and nature shake hands. Don’t you dare leave without passing under the portico of the Stoa of Attaos or see the Temple of Hephaestus, at the top of a small hill.

Mount Cabeto

A forest in the centre of Athens and one of the Athenians ‘ favorite places to play sports or relax, the Monte-Cabeto also offers some of the best views of the Greek capital.

With its 278 meters high, in ancient times it was crowned by a temple dedicated to Zeus, but today there is a small Byzantine church and a restaurant, as well as an outdoor theater. One of the best ways to climb is with the funicular that leads to the top in a few minutes. But If you feel like taking a walk, your trails are a breath of fresh air.

Acropolis Museum

Just at the foot of the Acropolis Hill stands the fascinating and impressive new Acropolis Museum. It Was inaugurated with pomp in 2009 and is all that could be expected of him.

Ten times larger than its predecessor, the Acropolis Museum exhibits the treasures rescued from the hill by the Greeks as well as pieces that other museums have returned to them to expose in the right context. This Modern Museum is a journey into the history of ancient Athens that seems to float over the ruins of the ancient city. If you get hungry, go up to the restaurant because the views are spectacular.

Roman Agora

A few meters from its Greek homonym, the Roman Agora was the center of power and control by Rome in Athens and continues To fall in love. Cross the spectacular door of Athena Archegetis with its columns Doric, hallucinates with the Tower of the Winds, an old hydraulic clock of the 1St century BC and the majestic remains of Hadrian’s Library. You’re going to love It

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