Canaima and Angel Falls, ancient wonders of Venezuela ✅

Canaima and Angel Falls, ancient wonders of Venezuela ✅

Canaima National Park is located on the right bank of the river Caroní, in Bolivar State. integrated in the Escudo de Guayana, the oldest geological formation on the planet. It Was created June 12, 1962, with the purpose of protecting its various ecosystems. ranging from an intricate jungle to the plains of the large savannah, where the enigmatic tepuyes are erected. Declared by Unesco in the year 1994 as a World Heritage site.

Canaima National Park is the sixth largest in the world, with an extension of three million hectares. It includes the headwaters of the Caroní River. the Carrao River basin and the birth of the Cuyuni River. as well as the Aponwao, the Kukenán and the Broken Pacheco. where spectacular waterfalls and waterfalls originate.

The importance of Canaima National Park is derived from the great variety of ecosystems it presents. as well as by the diversity of natural and sociocultural resources. especially by the indigenous communities that inhabit their spaces. In its vegetation predominant the savannas and gallery forests. which are located along the rivers and ravines that cross the park.

The surprising tepuyes, a species of plateaus that appear scattered in the savannah, are formations of sandstones deposited and sedimented until reaching several thousand meters and that were eroded for millions of years, which explains the fact that their Walls are almost completely vertical. Being separated from each other made that both its vegetation and its fauna will adopt very particular characteristics.

It Would Be necessary to make several trips to explore all the wonders of the park, such as the village and the Canaima Lagoon. navigate its rivers and reach its waterfalls, tour the Great Savannah to see its tepuyes and, of course, climb to the top of the Mountain Roraima. But certainly the main attraction of Canaima National Park is the Angel Falls or KerepacupaiMerú, the highest waterfall in the world, 979 meters. which is detached from the Auyantepuy.

Trip to the Lost World: Canaima and Angel Falls

Visit Canaima and Angel Falls, is for every traveler. an unavoidable destination that sooner or later we will get to know. Undoubtedly, the oldest region of the planet has that halo of mystery and beauty as few places in the world.

We began to enjoy the view of rivers and jungles of incredible shapes and colors.
In just under an hour and descending between savannas and plains, we spotted the Canaima Lagoon. which as a powerful crystal reflects the power of natural waterfalls. And so, quickly in a flash. we have the first astonishment of our journey and the security of being on mystical and sacred lands.

Canaima and Angel Falls, ancient wonders of Venezuela

Canaima tourist Attractions

Canaima National Park is a natural reserve of jungle, rivers, waterfalls and amazing waterfalls that fall from the high Tepuyes that cover the Savannah.

The Angel Falls is the main natural attraction of Venezuela and the most coveted of Canaima’s tourist attractions. Also called Kerepakupai Vená in indigenous language, Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world with its nearly 1,000 meters. The Plateau where it is born and from where it is precipitated is the Auyantepuy, “Mountain of the Gods of the Good” in Pemón language.

It Is located about 50 km southeast of the Canaima camp, a small indigenous village in the Carrao River basin, It Has a huge lagoon, which you can walk by boat, It is surrounded by a beach with palm trees and is fed by seven waterfalls. The most impressive of all is the Toad jump.

From the waters of the Canaima Lagoon you can appreciate the jumps Axe, Wadaima, Swallow and Ucaima, as well as the Tepuyes The Nonoy-Tepuy (Vulture) to the left, the Kuravaina-Tepuy (Deer) to the center and the Topochi-Tepuy (Blowgun).

What to buy and where in Canaima

To buy and where in Canaima. In Canaima, Kamarata and Kavak you can get all kinds of handicrafts that are made in the region. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, baskets, mamapies, bows and arrows, blowguns, complete the catalogue of souvenirs.

In the community of Kamarata, at the foot of the AUYANTEPUI, you can buy bread made by the Pemon. They traditionally make and eat the known. A community couple learned to make bread when they went to visit a sister who is a nun.

They Started making few loaves in a wood-fired oven made with adobes. They were offered from house to house. This is How this product was known and tasted so much that a private initiative was taken by an expert baker to give him several courses to the whole community and the business has prospered.

Canaima and Angel Falls, ancient wonders of Venezuela
What to take to Canaima and Angel Falls

When visiting Canaima and Angel Falls in Canaima National Park the ideal is to wear light clothes, not much, quick-drying. That protects from mosquitoes during the day and the temperature that descends during the night. A good sunscreen, cap or hat and repellent. Boots with good foot support, which protect from moisture and walking. The bathing suit cannot be missed; So when you reach a well or under waterfalls, you will enjoy a good dip.

The backpack must have room to carry a bottle of water, and include poncho or raincoat for when you navigate the river and pass behind the waterfalls. You should Also protect the camera from the wet. It Is recommended To carry plastic bags.

In the evening you will need a flashlight and spare batteries, because in the camps at the foot of Angel Falls there is no electricity in abundance. The same Thing counts for the cell phone battery. Any candy or chocolate that provides extra energy during the tour. Sandals or espadrilles to rest your feet at the end of the day.

How to reach Canaima

Canaima is in the middle of the savannah of Canaima National Park and does not have land routes that connect it with the rest of the country. However there is an airport that meets the traveler’s needs throughout the year for those interested in How to get to Canaima.

Those Who go to Angel Falls usually use Canaima as a halfway point. Also From here you can get to the nearby Kavac camp in a charter flight by air.

Canaima is one of the most spectacular places in Venezuela, there in the Lagoon of the same name you can see several jumps of indescribable beauty, waterfalls and fabulous views of the most imposing Tepuyes of the Great Savannah and the majestic Angel Falls, as well As well as the impressive Caves of Kavac. Discover the magic of Venezuela.

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