Antarctica, essential scenarios ✓

Antarctica, essential scenarios ✓

On the planet there are few scenarios as impressive and as inaccessible as Antarctica. Tourism to the sixth continent grows every year, within the limits that impose the high price of the trip, the climatic conditions, the fragility of the ecosystem, the necessary coexistence with the scientific and strategic projects of the white continent. and sanity. There are more and more possibilities to visit as simple travelers some corners of this huge white forest sculpted by snow, ice, water and rock.

The distance, its extreme cold, ice platforms and mountain ranges, as well as its exotic forms of life, challenge the traveler to make the most of his time. The weather and the ice mark the itinerary. Currently, visitors can even climb peaks or kayaking. However, nothing is comparable to the rugged cracks of a spectacular glacier or the vastness of the polar ice cap.

One of the great incentives to travel to Antarctica is to be able to observe its fauna: preserved by the Antarctic Treaty, this territory accomodates some of the most extraordinary species of the world, like the seal of Weddell and the Penguin Emperor, as well as millions of birds Marine, with species such as the Albatross and the petrel among them. Another of the Antarctic attractions is the story on an uninhabited continent.

But What really brings travelers to Antarctica is the possibility of feeling its greatness, of proving how tiny the human being is in an immense, hard and tremendously beautiful territory. It’S a magical experience. Contemplate How the ice shines reflecting the sunlight at each station or the twinkling of a velvety mantle of stars in winter, The sea ice creaks and crackling, and the icebergs crash into the ocean against huge blue glaciers as the whales emerge by the boat.

The Heart of the South Pole (Amundsen-Scott Base)

The Traveler who arrives here will probably visit (with the corresponding selfie) the ceremonial South Pole, with the 12 flags of the signatory countries of the Antarctic Treaty, and the geographical South Pole. You can Also expect to be invited inside the base to visit the dining room and a quick turn inside, although the latter is not guaranteed.

The Antarctic Peninsula

It Is The most accessible part of the continent, the arm of territory that extends northward towards the Land of Fire and its warmest zone, inhabited by seabirds, seals and penguins. With steep snow-capped peaks sinking directly into the sea, narrow canals flanked by icebergs and countless islands offers some of the most impressive Antarctic spots.

Currently, tourist cruises are concentrated on the west coast of the center, and few go through the sea of Weddell, on the east coast, with reputation of Engullirlos (the Endurance of Shackleton is only the most famous of those who disappeared in it).

Antarctica, Essential scenarios

Le Maire Strait Cruise

Known as the Kodak Gorge for the number of photos taken from it, this channel extends along 11 kilometres between the mountains of Booth Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. It’S pretty deep but because of its width, barely 1,600 meters, it’s only visible when it’s inside. Under a pale pink sky, glaciers move slowly from the mountains to the sea. The downstream glides to beyond an iceberg crowned by seals of Weddell and other populated by Gentú penguins. Nearby, after having eaten, a huge female leopard seal rompes next to the channel for the first time he sailed Gerlache in 1898. In Cape Renard Two rounded peaks dominate the landscape.

Puerto Paraíso

With its majestic icebergs and reflections in the water of the mountains, it is one of the most spectacular places in Antarctica. The Whalers who slaughtered in the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula in the early TWENTIETH century baptized this port as Paradise, fascinated by the floating icy moles and the mountains of the surroundings. Home of Gentús penguins and cormorants, nesting in the remains of Argentina Brown base, from the top of the hill you can see magnificently glaciers and, with some luck, some detachment. It Is a perfect area to travel in downstream between the blocks of ice detached from the glacier (in retreat) that are at the entrance of the bay.

Charlotte Bay and Cuverville Island

What is the best of the many bays and coves of the Antarctic Peninsula? Charlotte Bay adds a lot of points. In Addition to newly-detached icebergs floating in its crisp waters, at its entrance is the Portal Point, where there was a hut of British Antarctic Research in 1956, and is now the Falkland Island Museum of Stanley. Near the Cuverville Island you can see one of the largest gentú penguin colonies on the ice, with thousands of couples. This Black Island of 250 meters high and Half dome shape is a very popular climbing site.

Antarctica, Essential scenarios
Antarctic Ocean

The southern end of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans make up the fifth ocean of the world, the Antarctic, whose agitated waters surround the frozen continent, which they isolate biologically and climatically. The first explorers and seal hunters encountered the islands of this ocean before finding the Terra Australis Incognita.

Today travelers can visit the rocky shores of the Falklands and South Georgia, rich in fauna and history. Navigating these waters and visiting these archipelagos invites you to recreate the legendary voyages of the first adventurers.

Most of the cruise ships that sail from South America are placed in the South Shetland Islands or in the Southern Orkneys, where the first outpost was established. From Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, travelers access the White continent from the Ross sea and the Heard and Macquarie Islands.

Deception Island

Recognizable by its broken ring shape, the crumbling volcanic crater of the island, is despite sporadic eruptions, one of the safest natural ports in the world. With its snow-covered slopes and its penguin colony hidden in the Baily Head, the island offers the rare opportunity to navigate the interior of a volcano. It Is also an emblematic place for industrial archaeology, thanks to its abandoned whaling station, and for immersion in its warm geothermal currents. The bases of the island deception work only in summer, among them the Spanish Gabriel of Castile, in the Bay of the Fumarole, and the Argentina Disappoint, a little bigger, to a kilometer.

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