Tourism in Europe 2019 ✅

Tourism in Europe. We had started talking about travel in Europe. But we have to be a little more specific. In some European countries. that have border rules and entry requirements. In these countries they make up what is called. the Schengen area. Tourism in Europe.

Within this space. there are no borders. That is. from a visa. and passport standpoint. they behave like a single country Tourism in Europe. We had started talking about travel in Europe. But we have to be a little more specific. In some European countries. that have border rules. and entry requirements. In these countries. they make up what is called. the Schengen area. Within this space there are no borders. That is, from a visa and passport standpoint. they behave like a single country.

Tourism in Europe 2019

The Schengen area is currently composed. of 26 European countries. Among them the most tourist. like France, Spain, Italy or Germany. And it extends to other 3 Vatican City. Monaco and San Marino. You can see here the list. of the countries that are part of it. But we anticipate that. neither United Kingdom. that soon will not be in the European Union nor Ireland. are integrated. Tourism in Europe.


International tourism in France. It beat record revenues exceeding. 56.8 billion euros in the last twelve months. According to the estimates of the Bank of France (BdF). A volume that exceeds the previous record recorded (with 54 billion euros). Tourism in Europe.

France is a country of Europe that has a great popularity as a tourist destination. It possesses among its cities great attractions. In addition to its capital city being Paris one of the most visited places.
France is characterized by the tourist offer that it presents, which focuses on art. The history and the gastronomy that mixed with the different manifestations form a set of interesting and unforgettable experiences for the tourist. France is occupying the largest territory in the Western European area. It also has territory in the Mediterranean Sea, America and islands in the Indian Ocean. Tourism in Europe.

France and its wonders


Italy is one of the favorite countries for tourism and holidays of any kind. For those who love art and culture, thousands of treasures await. Sun and beach fans will find all along the coast. Beautiful beaches well maintained and provided with tourist facilities. And for those who like to climb or mountain walks. They will have mountainous areas that can meet your expectations with excursions and all the beauty of alpine nature. Tourism in Europe.

Travelling through Italy is always an artistic journey. You can consider an outdoor art gallery. No other country in the world can flaunt the treasures of art and culture that Italy has. More than half of the world’s historical and artistic heritage is found in this country. And in every town there is an inestimable testimony of history. Museums, cathedrals, churches and parishes. Monasteries and convents, villas palaces and castles and archaeological enclaves. They make Italy an infinite journey in culture and beauty.

Italy, Nature and life


Spain is a tourist country par excellence. Millions of tourists visit it attracted by its beaches, historical monuments. Its festivals and its appreciated gastronomy. Although the most chosen city to be visited is Barcelona, the islands are also a very important point as far as visits are concerned. Tourism in Europe.
We must not forget the heritage cities of humanity. Its natural spaces, ski resorts. Routes like the beloved Camino de Santiago or fiestas like San Fermín.

Spain can boast of being the country with more cities declared a World Heritage site. Due to the beauty of its places, it is the case of Santiago de Compostela. Where in addition to being the most visited route. The city has a very special charm. Especially for the cathedral.

The city of Toledo with its beautiful Jewish quarter, Salamanca or Avila and its Great Wall.
Cáceres and Mérida with its Roman theatre. They also have this award. Like Cordoba and its majestic mosque, Ibiza, Majorca and its cathedral. Cuenca, Salamanca and thus up to a total of 16 cities.

Visit Spain, is spectacular


Today we want to talk to you about one of the most special places in Europe, Portugal. If you have not visited today we will give you some reasons to visit. and enjoy one of the most captivating countries in the world.
Without thinking twice. Because we are sure that with these reasons we will give you below. We’ll convince you to enjoy your holiday in this country.

Tourism in Europe:

When we go to Portugal one of the first things we have to do is enjoy its gastronomy. Usually the dishes are very abundant. So be prepared to be satisfied and delighted.
The Portuguese are incredibly friendly people. Lovely and they are always willing to make you feel like you are at home. This is great because it won’t cost you anything to be happy here.

In Portugal you will find one of the most spectacular places in the world. They seem to be taken from a fairy tale or a postcard and one of those is the Algarve.
In summer one of the things you can’t miss about this country are its beaches. These are incredibly beautiful and are ideal for practicing this sport.
If you’re not one of those who practice water sports. Do not worry. Portugal also has beaches for you and one is more beautiful than the other. They are totally virgin beaches that are even solitary and will not be full of people. If you are looking for a bit of tranquility, you should visit these beaches.

Portugal, beaches and charms


England is one of the world’s most recognized countries. It’s the most extensive territory. and populated among the countries that are part of the United Kingdom. Bordered north by Scotland and west by Wales. The North Sea, the Irish Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the La Mancha channel.
England has as capital the city of London.

This is recognized worldwide for owning the Bukingham Palace. Home of the British royal family. Among a lot of details that make it important in the world. This country keeps a diversity of places and tourist attractions. That reflect in general the historical details of their people and their nation.

England 2019

The English climate is very varied. Since from one moment to another the cold and the rain that there may be in the mornings. It suddenly turns into a sunny day. In just a couple of hours. The temperature in England has a maximum of 30 °c in summer and a minimum of-5 ° C in winter.

Despite not being so recognized at the global level. The cuisine in England keeps a variety of traditional dishes. That are no longer the delight. For those tourists who come to this part of the United Kingdom. Testing from fish and chips, pasty, roast beef. The pudding among other English delicacies.
Each English city keeps different places in the night to find fun. In particular London has a guaranteed nightly joy. From theatres, concerts, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs and pubs.

When you arrive in England, you can find a great variety of places between hotels and small accommodations. Pensions and other buildings for a moment of relaxation for the visitors, even. For its inhabitants.
Quite apart from the celebration of the New Year’s Parties. There are other festivities that are held all over England. These include Boxing Day. St. Patrick’s, Valentine’s, The Innocents, among others.

England, come and enjoy it

Switzerland, natural tourism, history, own culture and imported. All this and much more is what will await you on any trip to the Swiss country. One of the most peculiar in Europe. and possibly from all over the world for their customs. Traditions and policies among them, their neutrality in any war-conflict.

One of the first attractions you will see in Switzerland will be its landscapes. Surrounded to the south and the east by the Alps and to the north by the mountains of Jura. Every moment that happens in the country will be unique. From mountainous places, to fertile valleys of dazzling greenery. Through lush forests and spectacular lakes. Every nook is different in this country. In spite of its small dimensions. You will be struck by the immensity of its landscapes. Whose beauty will be difficult to reproduce in their photographs.

Switzerland 2019

In Germany there are some of the most famous castles in the world. Castles like the Neuschwanstein inspired Walt Disney in the design of his famous castle. This is just one of the many that seem to come out of a fantasy story.
One of the great privileges enjoyed by most Germans. It is the fact of being surrounded by nature. Places like the Black Forest are. For many, reason enough to think of Germany as their next destination. The Black Forest is, along with the Bavarian Alps. One of the most beautiful natural spaces in Germany, with a clean and pure air.

If Germany is known for anything. It’s for his world-renowned beer. It is famous, especially, the weissbier (wheat beer). Typically elaborated in Bavaria. You won’t be thirsty there. In Germany an average of 116 liters of beer a year per capita is consumed. Much during the Oktoberfest. Of course. Don’t forget to go with a good sausage or a pretzel.

Renowned architects from all over the world have left their mark in Germany. Making many of his works in World heritage. A clear example is the Cathedral of Cologne. That took more than 600 years to build. In fact, this cathedral is, to this day. The most visited monument in Germany.

Germany, Paradise to enjoy

You have so many things to discover during your trip to Russia. In addition to admiring its landscapes and its architecture. Typically Russian. I recommend you go to meet its inhabitants and discover their customs. To make your trip a completely unique and authentic experience.
What would Russia be without those colorful churches with huge domes? These magnificent and imposing religious edifices will not leave you indifferent.

The churches are of Byzantine architecture and their exteriors have sometimes colorful facades. And with a somewhat kitschy style and other times with more refined lines. All are crowned with gilded cupolas. In comparison, the interiors show somewhat more austere. And they are characterized by the large number of icons that house. When Mass is celebrated, believers can stay there for hours.

Russia 2019

The Russian train par excellence. It is also one of the main attractions of the country. For several days, you find yourself immersed in a kind of communal life. Either you love him or you hate him. It is true that you have to live with other people (and with their bad smells, because there are no showers in the train). But many interesting people are also known. To pass the time you can have a drink with the rest of the travelers. Go to the samovar to drink tea or contemplate the country’s immense deserted lands. A great experience full of great encounters.

Russia would not be the same without the cold so if you want to discover all the facets of the country. You also have to experience this. Temperatures usually reach-30 º C. (sometimes even less) and although it seems difficult to walk under these conditions. The scenery will captivate you. Contemplate the ice in Lake Baikal, skating on the rivers.

Walk Among trees full of frost. Watching the children while eating ice cream (Russians like ice cream, even in winter)… you will fall surrendered to all the wonders that the great Russian cold has you reserved. Tourism in Europe.

Although Russian cuisine is little known, it has a lot to offer. Between the delicious winter and summer soups. (The Borscht, the Okroshka, the Schi). The Shashliki (brochettes of marinated meats), the draniki (potato pancakes) with cream. And the Pirogi will be more than satisfied. Meals are usually served with tea. In summer it is best to drink kvass, a refreshing beverage made from fermented bread. It costs less than a bottle of water. And they sell it in some yellow tanks found all over the city.

Russia tourism 2019


Tourism in Europe. There is so much to do if you travel to Belgium. Tourism for a country characterized by its beer, its chocolate, its clothes and its comics. The art Nouveau and Art deco heritage of your capital will amaze you. In contrast to other buildings of Gothic or Romanesque style.
A trip through Belgium must certainly include its capital: Brussels. This city houses most of the main institutions of the European Union. These include the European Parliament and the European Commission. As well as other organizations like NATO. We are located in the heart of the old continent.

Belgium 2019

And if you ask yourself why go sightseeing in Belgium. We will show you on this page more than one reason to travel to Belgium. Since it is not only interesting to travel to Belgium for its towns and cities. But it is also worthwhile to travel to Belgium for its museums.

For their meals, for their beer, for their landscapes, for their people. It is for all this that travelling to Belgium is not just a trip to do with the couple. But you can travel to Belgium with friends. With the family and is also highly recommended by those people who like to travel alone. Since tourism in Belgium is very abundant and will make it easy to meet a lot of people.

And if you’re afraid to travel to Belgium for your weather don’t worry. Because even if it is a city in Central Europe the weather in summer is very pleasant. As it is not as warm as the Mediterranean.

But going sightseeing in Belgium during the winter can also be fascinating. For all those people who like to enjoy the cold and the snow. Since these beautiful Belgian snow-hung villages can give you a glimpse of stunning Belgium.

Belgium and its Maginificos places