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Tourism in America: Nowadays tourism is no longer. a luxury product reserved only. for people with free time. and economic resources. but is recognized. as a necessity. and even. as a right that contributes. in turn. to the development. of countries and regions.

The link between culture. and tourism has resulted. in the so-called cultural tourism. in which the knowledge. of monuments. and historical sites. is combined with the immersion in natural. and cultural history. and with. the knowledge of the arts. philosophy and Of the way of life. of the different peoples. Tourism in America.

Thus. the promotion. and consequent growth of tourism in Latin Americ. not only represents a contribution to the economic development. of the region. but also a mediator between memory. and oblivion.
Consequently. knowledge brings respect. and conservation of them through a greater. understanding among tourists. and fruitful intercultural exchanges that contribute to the economic. social. and cultural development of peoples.

Tourism in America 2019

Tourism has always been closely linked to the heritage. and culture of a destination. This link becomes even stronger since the years 70. when UNESCO developed the. “Convention on the Protection of the world. Cultural. and Natural Heritage”. which recognized. the deterioration of the patrimony at world level. and it was proposed to keep it actively. and To foster the knowledge. and recognition of this legacy for future generations.

Peru Tourism in America

It is one of the main tourist destinations in South America. It has a varied natural beauty according to the different areas of its territory. notable archaeological wonders. such as Machu Picchu. gastronomic delicacies. and a vast cultural heritage. there is also a great variety of activities. and places to see and do in Peru. On this page you will find information about tourism in Peru.


With more than 2,000 beaches stretching along the coast, more than 1,000 islands dotting the Atlantic Ocean. 62 national parks. hundreds of conservation areas. and nothing more or anything less than the famous carnival. Brazil is shaping up as one of the preferred destinations par To this summer. Tourism in America.


The beauty of its natural environment. which offers the most beautiful waterfalls. on the planet. the most spectacular glaciers. and immense plains of unusual appeal. adds the charm of a friendly. educated and hospitable population.


To talk about tourism in Bolivia. is to speak of natural landscapes. a rich culture. and of different nuances that make. the experience of visiting our country unique.

Bolivia. has one of the largest biodiversities in the world. the Highlands with its plains. and cold deserts. with Snowy mountains at one end. and in the other a deep tropical greenery. in the jungles. and forests that make up the eastern part of the country.

Adventure seekers. and nature lovers have Bolivia. as a compulsory destination. since visiting such beautiful places. is no longer possible in many parts of the world.


Canada is the second most extensive country in the world. It has beautiful cities. very modern. with a fusion of cultures. and traditions. that make it. the most varied set. of nationalities and ethnicities. and a thriving multicultural society.
It has countless places. that must be visited. among which are impressive natural attractions. that combine perfectly with. the most varied. and ancient buildings.

Tourism in America 2019


Cuba is a magical place. neither more nor less: a place of strong contrasts where. all the eras cross each other to give place. to a unique space. Havana. its capital. is a typical example that demonstrates. this combination of social. and cultural factors. It gathers fascinating architectures. ancient ruins. green spaces. and a sample of the local culture in every corner you visit. Their old cars. most of them of the years ‘ 50, leave us witness to a past of opulence. of elegance. which spreads throughout the streets of Old Havana. Not in vain this city was awarded as one of. the five most beautiful in the world.


The beautiful beaches and natural diversity of Mexico are. the first reason why Mexico during the last 40 years became. the most important tourist country in the continent.
Tourism in Mexico was basically driven by American. and Canadian adventurers. who sought a freer. and more romantic alternative. to their daily lives in their home countries. Tourism in America.
Thanks to this impulse. the Mexican industry turned many aerials. of the beaches of Mexico. into well-organized. tourist centers providing. all the services for the international tourism.


Adventure tourism activities include trekking. nautical walks, fishing. flora and fauna observation. horseback riding, scuba diving. canopy, rafting. kayak. high mountain excursions. sand-boarding, snowboard. hydrospeed. surfing. rock climbing and several Other sports. Tourism in America.
In that, Chile has a lot to offer. and a healthy, properly regulated industry that ensures a good standard of safety and quality. Practically. in almost all the cities of Chile. there are some of these activities available for the tourist. In the economy.


Colombia has extensive international connectivity. ports over the Atlantic and Pacific and more than 900 weekly. air frequencies. With no stations. their natural scenery. is available to host the most unforgettable events any day of the year. And Best of all: a land full of rhythms. and joy that greets those who visit it with open arms.
The Colombian. landscapes are unique. In the land of rhythm and taste you will find from innovative cities. full of cultural. and gastronomic. richness to tranquil villages surrounded by imposing mountains. all in one place and ready to be the scene. of the most demanding events.

Tourism in America


The third largest island. in the Caribbean is Jamaica. That means it has many beaches. each one prettier. It must be recognized that mass tourism. (especially with cruise packages). is quite present. but in limited areas. Fortunately. you can enjoy the calm. and the sun all over the coast without any problems.
The musical stream of reggae was born in Jamaica in the late 60. Bob Marley and his band. The Wailers contributed to their worldwide success. Your trip through. Jamaica is an opportunity to follow the tracks of the reggae master and visit his hometown, Nine Mile. better understand his story in the museum dedicated to him in Kingston. or just listen to his work in the place that saw him born.

The tropical island is fertile and there are precious. and delicious foods such as coffee and vanilla. You can visit the plantations and then do a tasting. Another pride of the region. the rum, is produced by the Appleton distillery since 1749. The distillery offers a guided tour explaining the manufacturing process. and telling the history of the company.

Tourism in America


Ecuador is a small country located in the northern part of South America, towards the Pacific coast; They have 4 regions: Coast, Sierra, Oriente, also has an insular region, are the Galapagos Islands. It is a country that is characterized mainly by the beauty of the flora and of the fauna and by the diversity, being a small country. It has 4 regions that are very rich in vegetation and animals, yes, in fascinating animals. But especially I think that the most beautiful part of Ecuador are the mountains, which are huge. The two most characteristic, the two most important are the Chimborazo and the Cotopaxi.


Haiti is characterized by a lot of things that we can highlight its climate, and its fauna and environment.
Haiti’s climate is tropical. The rainy season extends from April to June and from October to November, and the country is often struck by tropical storms and cyclones.

Haiti had 60% of its original forests destroyed, today the figure is already 98%, having been used these areas to procure cooking fuel, also destroying in this process a multitude of fertile soils. In addition, erosion due to deforestation has caused periodic flooding. such as that which occurred on September 17, 2004. Tropical Storm Jeanne ended the life of more than 3,000 people and destroyed roads, especially in the city of Gonâve.
One of the most characteristic animals in Haiti is the endemic butterfly


The capital of the Bahamas, is known for being the Commercial and cultural center of the archipelago. In addition to being the largest city, hosting about 70% of the population.
Located on the island of Nueva Providencia, this city is characterized by British influence. Among its attractions is the British Colonial Hotel, used as a location for two James Bond Films, when the representative was Sean Connery. Tourism in America.
The small capital of the Bahamas, is also the destination of cruises that run through the waters that once saw Columbus navigate, Europeans who were looking for luck in other seas or pirates that interrupted the voyage of the boats.
Nassau is also famous for its paradisiacal beaches and coral reef extensions, ideal for scuba diving on a sunny day.

Tourism in America
United States

The United States is a country full of paradoxes. Its cities reveal architectures of an unsurpassed modernity that are only a few hours from the wildest landscapes, where you can live adventures in your tent or with the backpack on your back surrounded by a very well preserved nature. In the country where almost all are immigrants, meeting someone new will always be a fascinating experience, because this town offers much more than the stereotypes associated. Tourism in America.

The United States has been inspired by its territory, its nature and its cities much more than any other national literature. It is certainly not just because the country has wanted to form an identity, but also because its landscapes, of unique beauty and grandeur, are a source of inspiration. More than anywhere else, in the national parks The view is lost to where the horizon reaches and one can meditate quietly. Like Ansel Adams photographed Yosemite or Henry Miller made Big Sur his refuge, you can also find the inspiration you need in family landscapes or urban monotony of cities.

Tourism in America

Guatemala is seen as a unique and different destination because of its diversity of experiences. Its unique territory, gather Mayan culture, Mayan ruins, Spanish colonial heritage, modern buildings, exotic beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific, and all this in one place. This beauty is added to the Guatemalan people, who are friendly and hospitable by tradition. For all these reasons, the traveler will have an unforgettable experience during his stay in Guatemala.
The traditions, color, art and Mayan ruins are surrounded by natural landscapes, where living culture is a testament to our Mayan ancestors. That’s why all Guatemalans consider their land as a pride, as it is a world-class tourist destination. Guatemala has been blessed with a temperate climate, where extreme hot and cold climates are virtually non-existent, which is why Guatemala is known as the “Land of eternal spring.


Honduras has a little more area than Guatemala and is the second largest nation in size in Central America, after Nicaragua. This allows you to have many beaches and attractive places that any tourist lover of the Caribbean and the tropics would like to know. It may not have as many popular destinations as Mexico or Costa Rica, but it is because they are unknown and you will find many fewer tourists than in other places in Central America. tourism in America. Tourism in America.

Tourism in AmericaHonduras

Honduras has 692 kilometers of coastline in the Caribbean Sea, its waters are turquoise shades that you only imagined in your most tropical dreams.The variety is the saint. and sign of the gastronomy of Honduras. It is a logical thing to consider that. the culture of the country has many sources to drink: The Creol.

of the original inhabitants of the region; That of the Spanish colonizers, the African (who arrived with the slaves)… If we add to this the great variety. of quality raw materials that provide the two oceans. with which the country is beautiful. as well as tropical crops. it is not surprising that it is such a wide and interesting gastronomy. The most used products in Honduran cuisine are meat. fish and poultry, wheat and corn tortillas. rice. legumes, vegetables. fruits and dairy derivatives such as cheese.

The different cultures of the country have their own gastronomy, and within the Honduran cuisine we find variants such as Creole. Misquita, Garifuna. The areas of the north. Central and south of the country show different specialtis.

Tourism in America


Venezuela is a wonderful country. endowed with the most diverse. and beautiful places. and destinations that range from unexplored forests to snow-capped peaks. from immense plains. to white-sand beaches and crystalline waters; With a lush fauna and varied flora. Of warm and cheerful people ready to receive with the best of the attentions to any tourist.

Travel by Venezue

The country of contrasts. The great coastal line belonging to the Caribbean in the north. To the dense Amazonian jungle to the south. To the east is located the spectacular plateau of the Gran Sabana. Canaima National Park and the snow-capped peaks. of the Andes dominate the western area. Bordered with Brazil, Colombia, Guyana.

Venezuela for its biogeographic position has contributions of flora. and fauna of perimeters such as the Caribbean. (Los Roques, Isla Margarita, Peninsula de Paria, Estado Falcón. Paraguaná Peninsula el Andino (Mérida). Amazonia and Guyana; the latter possesses conditions almost Exclusive. both on the mainland and in the world.

Venezuela has an outstanding influx of international tourism that makes it the land of unforgettable memories for its people. Knowing this country. leaves a lot in our lives as it possesses the most beautiful natural treasures in the world. tourism in America